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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Roberto Nicolosi - Atmosfera

Good evening! I hope everyone had a great week, and hope your weekend is even better. This next post is very special. What we have here is Roberto Nicolosi's "Atmosfera" LP from 1973 on Fontana. Wow! This record is an incredible Jazz score. Atmosfera is actually the soundtrack to the Italian Horror movie "L'occhio Nel Labirinto" by Mario Caiano. Very haunting compositions with a cream of the crop lineup of Italian session musicians such as Giovanne Tommaso, Franco Tonani, Angelo Baroncini, Antonello Vannucchi, Franco D'Andrea, Giani Basso, Dino Piana, and Cicci Santucci. Many of these musicians are from the rare and highly collectable label "Fly". Cicci delivers a powerful expression of fear with his blasts from the trumpet, while Antonello Vanucchi (I Marc 4) haunts the undertone with a piercing Organ. Angelo Baroncini weeps the guitar, bringing a somewhat sad element to the picture. D'Andrea is on the Piano/Fender Rhodes, which is the perfect cherry on top that mellows out the madness.  There are many elements included with this soundtrack. At times, you have Psych elements, while at others you have Funk. It's mostly Jazz, but very dark and gloomy. The simplicity of the album cover, with the picture of stormy red clouds is actually a perfect description of what the music is all about. I can't recommend this album enough, if you are into Jazz. It took me years to find a copy. Without a doubt, Atmosfera is one of the most highly collected Italian Jazz LP's. Very few have ever surfaced, and I was very lucky to have finally made contact with a copy. So with that said, I hope you enjoy! Peace.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Marsellus Wallace - Jazz Appreciation

I've always been a huge fan of Jazz music. Especially the works from labels like Blue Note, Prestige, Strata East, Kudu, and CTI. I think it's pretty safe to say most of us music lovers dig that stuff! There's just something about the complex patterns of rhythm that are intermingled together that always has seemed superior to other genres (in my opinion). Here's a mix I put together of some of my favorite Jazz songs. On this mix I wanted to leave most of the tracks unedited, and showcase them in their natural raw form. The way it was meant to sound! Meant for funky tea parties and long walks on the beach. Enjoy!